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Combining methotrexate with leflunomide may increase your risk of liver damage.

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pharmacokinetic monitoring of methotrexate serum concentrations may help identify those patients at high risk for methotrexate toxicity and aid in proper adjustments of leucovorin dosing.

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in a multicenter, randomized trial in 100 patients with neoplastic meningitis from solid tumors, pfs time was not significantly different with intracerebrospinal fluid methotrexate or liposomal cytarabine therapy 37.

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have had an allergy to methotrexate or any of the ingredients in otrexup.

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if methotrexate excretion is impaired accumulation will occur more rapidly in patients with impaired renal function.

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the safety and effectiveness of methotrexate have been established in pediatric patients with polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis see clinical studies .

5 mg of methotrexate as the active ingredient.

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